A Certain Scientific Railgun Complete Season 2 Collection (Episodes 1-24) Blu-ray/DVD Combo

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All 24 episodes from the second season of the spin-off animated series based on the manga by Kazuma Kamachi. Mikoto Misaka (voice of Rina Satou) and her friends investigate a new mystery in Academy City involving the murder of thousands of espers. They are no ordinary espers however, each and every one is a clone of Mikoto. In taking responsibility for them and seeking answers with her friends, Mikoto puts herself in the sights of espers more powerful than she ever imagined.


Special Features: Episode Commentaries, Textless Openings, Textless Closings, U.S. Trailer, Trailers

Format: Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Region: 2
Discs: 7
Language(s): Japanese
Subtitles: English
Rating: 15