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Fireworks Collectors Combi

Product code: ANI0354
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Based on a story by Shunji Iwai (The Case of Hana and Alice, A Bride for Rip Van Winkle), animation by studio SHAFT and directors Akiyuki Shinbo (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, March Comes in Like a Lion) and Nobuyuki Takeuchi (Bakemonogatari) bring this sci-fi tinged story of young love and teenage turmoil to life.

While a classroom argument rages about how fireworks look from different angles as they burst forth in the night sky, the reserved Norimichi and his best friend Yusuke are about to compete for an even more explosive event in their young lives – the opportunity to spend some time with a girl named Nazuna with whom they are both smitten. The lucky winner is to be decided by a simple swimming contest, but the effects of this race are far more seismic than Norimichi could have imagined.

When a mysterious glowing ball offers Norimichi a second chance at victory, he comes to learn that even the slightest changes in perspective can make a striking difference to the world around him – a daunting face that might also be the key to helping Nazuna resolve the troubles which plague her…”


Presented in Collectors packaging.

Comes in a rigid case, with a digipack to store the two discs (1 x DVD + 1 x Blu-ray). Also included are art cards, an A3 replica of the Japanese theatrical poster and a 32 page booklet featuring character information, Production Notes, a special interview with Shunji Iwai (original creator), Hitoshi Ohne (Screenplay) and Akiyuki Shinbo (Chief Director), and an article by Jonathan Clements (author of Anime: A History).

Format: Blu-ray and DVD
Region: 2
Discs: 2
Language(s): English and Japanese
Subtitles: English
Rating: 12