Future Diary Part 2 DVD

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Let the game of death begin. 12 people must fight, kill and survive to become the god of time and space.

Thanks to his ally Gasai, Yukiteru succeeds in thwarting all of the attacks from the other future diary holders. They are decimated one by one and in this game of death, that means only the strongest are left standing. Yukiteru and Yuno are united in order to fight them, but how long will their union last? There can only be one winner at the end of the game and even if Yuno is madly in love with Yukiteru, one of them must die. The game is drawing to its end and reality begins to crumble. Does the end of Deus Ex Machina mean the end of the world?


Contains episodes 14-26 on 3 discs.

Format: DVD
Region: 2
Discs: 3
Language(s): English and Japanese
Subtitles: English
Rating: 15