The Lost Lolli - Olivia

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OLIVIA (also known as Olivia Lufkin) is a bilingual artist from Okinawa in Japan. The Lost Lolli is Olivia's second full-length album which is a compilation of the material featured on her four mini-albums and new material

  1. Alone in our Castle
  2. Fake Flowers
  3. Blind Unicorn
  4. Devil's in me
  5. Celestial Delinquent
  6. Space Halo
  7. SpidERƧpins (Lost Lolli Mix)
  8. 026unconscious333
  9. Under Your Waves
  10. Dreamcamp
  11. Denial
  12. Sea me (English Version)
  13. Into the Stars (Live Arrangement Version)

Format: CD
Discs: 1